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Why it's important

Our mission combats speech disabilities and/or discomfort for 1B+ people resulting from a whole array of conditions:

  • laryngeal cancer, laryngectomy,

  • stroke,

  • cerebral palsy (CP),

  • multiple sclerosis (MS),

  • spinal muscular atrophy (SMA),

  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS),

  • down syndrome,

  • Parkinson's disease, myasthenia gravis, 

  • sulcus vocalis,*

  • presbyopia and fold flaccidity (vocal aging),**

  • voice dysphoria of transgender individuals.***



people globally struggle with atypical speech and speech disorders.*


people aged 65+ struggle or will soon struggle with an ageing voice (presbyphony and fold flaccidity).**


voice dysphoria of transgender individuals.***

Our Team

Konrad Zieliński
CEO, UX, PhD candidate

MS in Cognitive Science UW, researcher in Human Interactivity and Language Lab.


Strong leadership skills, academic background in user experience, and programming professional experience.

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Anna Ciesielska
COO, marketing & finances

MBA Lecturer, business consultant, mentor and entrepreneur.

Excellent operation and team building skills, experienced in marketing, graduated from economy, management and transactional analysis.

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Marek Grzelec

CTO, product designer, maker

Professional experience in Makerspace@UW

Expert at 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

Responsible for every prototype in Uhura, manages the technological team. Studied mechatronics at the Warsaw University of Technology.

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Interested in our products?

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Grzegorz Mika
AI Engineer
Doris Żodkiewicz
Speech therapist

Gabi Kołtun

Vocal instructor
Janek Jurkowski
Embedded programmer
Mikij Żewierżejew
Audio engineer
Ula Kłopotowska
Medical technology

Advisory Board

The advisory board includes representatives from the international business community, including, including Pedro Oliveira, dean of the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, as well as Dr. Jeremy Richmon of Mass Eye & Ear and Harvard Medical School,  Harvard Medical School, one of the pioneers of transoral thyroid surgery thyroid surgery (he performed it as the world's first through interdisciplinary collaboration with roboticists). The presence on the Advisory Board in the immediate vicinity of the Project and in the company of individuals who are at the world's forefront of innovation implementation underscores the potential for further development of the Project and Uhura Bionics in this area.

Pedro Oliveira Professor
Dean Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE)
Jeremy D. Richmon MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, Harvard Medical School
Dr Thomas Moors MD DOHNS
(ENT doctor)
Dr.-Ing. Marek Chodnicki
Mechatronics, robotics, construction and operation of machines
Dr.-Ing. Martin Hagmuller
Senior Researcher, Audio expert
Pedro Costa
Acoustics Engineer, Founder and CEO, Auricle
prof. Agnieszka Hamerlińska (SLP)
University professor, psychologist, neurologist, educator, psycho-oncologist, oncologist
Wojciech Kukwa MD (ENT doctor)
Head of Otolaryngology Department, Medical University of Warsaw

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Our partners

We proudly present our partners at Uhura! In this space, we highlight the valued collaborations and relationships that drive our mission forward. Discover the diverse network of partners who contribute to our shared goals and success. Join us on this journey as we celebrate teamwork, innovation, and synergy. 

Award - 8 edition of Sebastian Kulczyk's InCredibles mentoring program - providing tailored workshops and consultations with mentors, potential clients, investors, and top business experts.


Sebastian Kulczyk



Award for Uhura Bionics: Innovative Startup with Poland-World potential




Eagle of Innovation (Orzeł Innowacji)

Patient Innovator for Konrad Zielinski from Uhura Bionics. Awarded at the Estoril Conferences at Nova School of Business and Economics' (Nova SBE) campus on September 2nd, 2023.


EIT Health



Second place - PLN 300 000 - UHURA Bionics
For a digital larynx and voice amplifier with speech converter.


ING Bank


4th edition of the ING Bank Grant Program

The People's Choice Award went to Uhura Bionics.


HUAWEI Startup Challenge


People's choice award

STARTUP HEROES - a starting platform for new ideas

We received expert business support and developed our idea into a scaled business model. As part of the incubation process, we received legal, financial, marketing and business support. This gave us the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, expert support and financing, which significantly accelerated our development.

Legal support for startups

Legal support for startups is to finance legal support for startups cooperating with investors and recipients of their services.

Finished Grants


Konrad doesn't have a larynx. "People feel awkward saying: 'Speak more clearly,' 'Don't mumble.'"



Uhura: The Game-Changing Startup You Need to Know



When the larynx disappears, not only does the voice itself disappear, but also the ability to convey one's emotions to the other person: urgency, anger, resentment, grief, tenderness.



List of 25 before 25: The most enterprising young Poles - Konrad Zielinski

Media about us

CogSci 2023, Sydney

Konrad Zielinski with research results in Sydney at CogSci 2023.

Adrianna Biernacka-Gemel and Konrad Zielinski in Polish Ethnography

The body - foreign, causal, creative. On the experience of laryngectomy.

ACM CHI, New Orlean, USA.

Konrad Zielinski at the ACM CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) conference in New Orleans.


UHURA Bionic together with Graz University of Technology present Show & Tell at INTERSPEECH 2022 conference in Korea

Our Publications

Who are we? 

Uhura Bionics is a startup bootstrapped by its own and with EU funding. Boasting a comprehensive interdisciplinary team and a product continually tested with users, we’ve achieved promising early market validation.

We are currently in the process of securing a seed round. For a detailed financial analysis and a full offering, write directly to our CEO at

We envision collaboration with investors experienced in global products in hardware, AI, healthcare, rehabilitation and audio technologies.

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