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We hear you – your needs and your speech problems

Uhura Bionics has set itself the goal of finding solution for atypical speech in voice and speech disorders for more than 136 million people worldwide.

We have created and are expanding an AI module for enhancement of atypical speech – improving speech intelligibility, enabling intonation and expression – bringing its user towards communicating both freely and effectively

The AI algorithm, constantly developed by our research team, is embedded in Uhura Bionics devices – tailored to the patient’s needs and condition.

Konrad's voice sample
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Konrad Zieliński

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VOXFLOW speech amplifier

Uhura Bionics VOXFLOW voice amplifier is the easiest way to make your speech clearer and louder. It will boost your confidence in all situations and make you heard. Konrad uses it mainly in restaurants and public speaking.


We offer the speaker in white and black versions with an elegant and flexible black microphone.

speech-enabling larynx Whitney

We are working on an electrolarynx for people after laryngectomy that will produce an individually tailored voice. Other available solutions only offer a one-size-fits-all robotic voice; additionally, a solution for women is lacking. Our device allows for a natural voice and intonation – and we are still improving it from user feedback.


Voice cloning

Want to protect your voice before laryngectomy surgery or other anticipated speech impairments? Contact us.

Konrad made recordings of himself speaking so now we can work on bringing his voice back to life. We have launched a pilot program of voice recordings for voice reconstruction and future restoration methods such as speech conversion and bionic larynx.

Konrad on our solutions

VOXFLOW speech amplifier
HUAWEI Startup Challenge
Lisbon Estoril Conferences 
Laryngectomee’s Guidebook (PL)

Laryngectomee’s Guidebook (PL)

We are pleased to collaborate with the University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw in the distribution of a publication for people after total laryngectomy. The publication is available free of charge courtesy of the author and the MedTech Scientific Circle. You can download it as a document or order a paper version (paying only the shipping costs).

UHURA at IAL 2022, Charlotte, USA

Konrad Zieliński, the leader of UHURA BIONICS gave a speech about new methods of voice reconstruction.


UHURA BIONICS together with Graz University of Technology present Show & Tell at INTERSPEECH 2022 conference in Korea.

ACM CHI, New Orleans, USA

Konrad Zielinski at ACM CHI (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in New Orleans.

Adrianna Biernacka-Gemel and Konrad Zieliński in Etnografia Polska magazine

The body – strange, potent, creative. On the experience of laryngectomy.

Our publications


My Company

Cancer has robbed Konrad Zieliński of his larynx, but not of his desire to make the world a better place. His startup Uhura Bionics wants to help restore the voice of those in a similar position as his.


Business Insider ING

ING has completed the fourth edition of its Grant Program. In each of the successive editions, the bank allocated 1 million PLN for the best solutions. A group of ten finalists was selected from 215.


Koncept Magazine

A life for a voice. The story of Konrad Zieliński


Conrado Moreno RDC

Konrad Zieliński and Adrianna Biernacka-Gemel appeared in a RDC radio podcast where they spoke about life without larynx and how to talk about laryngectomy.

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